Hello👋 Random person in internet! I’ve a great story for you …

I'm maha krishnan

a Digital Product Designer from India 🇮🇳, currently exploring life & Design at Canada🇨🇦 all the while crafting designs for the next billions consumers and has been “thinking about it in the shower” level of enthusiasm for all things design. I design digital products that are usable, reliable, delightful & thoughtful.

👉 I'm actively looking for full time opportunities. Open to remote

about me

along with being a designer


I am driven by curiosity, dissatisfaction and an obsessive attention to detail. I love breaking down the silos. Getting my hands dirty designing, and building great products. Whether taking a product concept from zero to one, or attempting to take it from one to infinity. I 💜 purple and here goes some random deets about me ...

coming from a nation which plays cricket, I love playing football ⚽

My birthday 🎂 is on world Valentine’s day.

working on interesting 💡 education based startup ideas

I can cook 🍔 4 cuisines comfortably and deliciously

I travel a lot, 2018 was best since Thailand 🇹🇭 happened, 2019 was peaceful with himalayas trekking 🏔️, currently at germany for work 🇩🇪, next up 🇨🇦!

I’ve lost 5 mobile phones 📱 in my life, used only 6 so far!

work experience

the places & people which helped me in what I'm now.

I’ve work experience ranging from small scale startups like Meddy Inc to large organisations such as PayPal Inc to build products that people love. By working in such companies, I aim for the best user experience all the while balancing the needs of business and technology to create successful and elegant digital product experiences.

By working through different digital spectrums such as finance, automobile, healthcare, banking, Analytics I become proficient in understanding the different apporches of a product design through practices like User Research & Strategy, End to End Design process and Interaction design.

I currently worked at Smava, but previously was working with some remote based startups after completing a amazing experience with PayPal on 2017.

👉 I'm actively looking for full time opportunities. Open to remote


some of my works and case studies 💬

I have a few case studies that cover some of the interesting design problems I had to solve along the way and the thinking behind the solutions. Let me know if you want to know more.

things I experimented and made for the love of problem solving

design process

my design process evolved over time

You can’t find a solution until you have a clear idea of what the problem is. My favorite line in design goes as Don't be afraid to dig deep. Having that idealogy, I start every project with the assumption that I know almost nothing about what makes it tick. I start with a blank slate and do my due diligence to understand the root cause, status quo and investigate about all the different aspects of the problem before diving into the solution.

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